Corporate Leadership Coaching

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Leadership Coaching

First of all, let’s ask ourselves: “What is a Corporation”?

IIs it a structure of walls, doors, windows, desks etc? Or….is it a group of human beings working together under a shared vision and mission?

A comprehensive study, carried out by the International Association of Management and Personnel, found that corporations that have Training sees productivity increase by 22%. Furthermore, where Training was carried out with Coaching, productivity increased up to 88%….What does this tell us?

A Corporation is formed by individuals and these people possess their unique needs, goals, values, ambitions etc.

If in a Corporation the main focus is bestowed mainly on productivity and not on the individual, something, that is fundamentally important, fails. The days of dictatorial corporations, enterprises and companies are over. The “humanization” of the corporate world is imminent and those corporations, who have had the vision to do so, are reaping the rewards already. They are experiencing increased productivity and high, sustained performance under a very different dynamic, as their workforce feels motivated, appreciated, listened to, stimulated etc.


Corporate Coaching concentrates in developing the “human capital”, supporting professionals in leadership positions to develop their innate potential and that of others, by helping to maximize the directive skills and to improve on different leadership styles.

Coaching supports managers to establish goals, clarify the vision and mission and to identify the “blind spots” of the business

Benefits of Corporate Leadership Coaching

Coaching enables you to increase the possibility of achieving the following:

bullettpoint Coherence and Integrity.
bullettpoint Flexibility.
bullettpoint Team work.
bullettpoint Leadership skills.
bullettpoint Professional and Personal Development.
bullettpoint Decision taking ability.
bullettpoint Communication and Negotiation.
bullettpoint Self control and Emotional Management.
bullettpoint Vision.
bullettpoint Personal Development.
bullettpoint Client and Success orientation
bullettpoint Empathy and Understanding.
bullettpoint Initiative.
bullettpoint Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence.
bullettpoint Self confidence and Self awareness.
bullettpoint Self belief.
bullettpoint Analytical capacity.
bullettpoint Objective Feedback.

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Corporate Leadership Coaching

My private Corporate Clients hire me on one to one basis, because they seek Balance and sustained High Performance. There is always room for:

bullettpoint More focus.
bullettpoint Creative, realistic and attainable goals.
bullettpoint More financial rewards.
bullettpoint Without sacrificing one’s personal life.

Coaching is a dynamic partnership that enhances one’s true potential.

Why hire a Corporate Leadership Coach?

Because by doing so you will increase the possibility of achieving the following:

bullettpoint Balance between Corporate and Personal Life.
bullettpoint Heightened Self-Awareness and Confidence.
bullettpoint Sustained High Performance.
bullettpoint Better time and organizational Management.
bullettpoint Peer pressure solutions.
bullettpoint Improvement of communication skills.
bullettpoint Strength identification and maximization.
bullettpoint Total confidentiality, safe arena to bounce off ideas and conflicts.
bullettpoint 100% support by your Life Coach.
bullettpoint Health and Financial status improvement.
bullettpoint Accountability.
bullettpoint More fun and joy in your Life.

Our beliefs form our thoughts, our thoughts form our behaviours, and it is the latter that brings or fails to bring the desired results in us and in an enterprise.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you want to discuss the above any further or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me

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