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There are few ways, but mainly face to face, on the telephone and Internet VOIP.

Telephone and Internet?.

Well yes, the Coach does not live necessarily where the client does. I have clients that reside in different Continents and so we use the telephone and in many occasions Skype ( the MSM or Yahoo Messenger (it works brilliantly).

Coaching on the telephone is very practical as the client does not have to move from the office or the home for the sessions. It is very helpful as well when the client or I the Coach is travelling.

Remember the most important thing is for you to find the right Coach and if he/she does not live in your vicinity, do not deny yourself the chance to work with someone you like and feel a good connection with, for the sake of having only face to face sessions. That is what we call in Coaching a LSB (limiting self belief).



  • Telephone Coaching (45 minutes) 3 sessions per month
  • Face to face Coaching (60 minutes) 3 sessions per month
  • Internet :Skype-MSM or Yahoo Messenger Coaching (45 minutes) 3 sessions per month
Lupita Volio
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In order for the process of Coaching to be effective I require a minimum commitment from my clients of 3 months.

I reside in Stockholm and Madrid.

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